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Enterprise Streaming (6 tags)
The Java Message Service is a lynchpin of J2EE, but is in some ways more difficult and less flexible than more basic forms of communication, like the stream model of the package. However, as Amir Shevat writes, the two are not mutually exclusive--you can write to JMS topics and queues with streams.

Distributed Enterprise Messaging with MantaRay (3 tags)
Java Messaging Service (JMS) is a much-used system for distributed enterprise applications, but many implementations use a "broker" approach that creates bottlenecks. MantaRay implements the JMS API through a peer-to-peer approach that, as Amir Shevat reports, provides some significant advantages.

How to Use JMS with PHP (3 tags)
Java Messaging Service (JMS) is a great enterprise messaging architecture, but what if you have have a web application written in a non-Java language that wants to participate in JMS? Amir Shevat shows how PHP can be made to work with JMS.

XML Messaging Using JBoss (3 tags)
Simple communication in an enterprise system is possible through various schemes, but not all of them answer the question of coordination. Benoit Aumars presents a hypothetical case study that shows how generating and sharing information in XML is made easier with Java Messaging Service (JMS) and Java Management Extensions (JMX).

Enhancing Web Services Infrastructures with JMS (2 tags)
JMS is a leading candidate for providing robust enterprise messaging to Web services. This article demonstrates a loosely coupled Web service with JMS.