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Rich Web Text Editing with Kupu (6 tags)
One of the reasons web applications haven't completely replaced desktop apps is that web browsers offer such poor text-editing capabilities. Now a new JavaScript library named Kupu may challenge that. Robert Jones explains how it works and how to add it to your own web apps.

Errors and AJAX (6 tags)
AJAX is hot, but is it real? How mature are the techniques, and can you use them right now? Joshua Gitlin offers a method for trapping client-side JavaScript errors and logging them, server-side, with AJAX.

Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript (4 tags)
When users navigate a long document and encounter an internal link that jumps to another location in that same document, it often leads to confusion: are they on the same page, or a different page? Stuart Langridge, author of DHTML Utopia (SitePoint), provides the answer to this problem. Using JavaScript, Stuart shows how to make links scroll through the document to the linked location rather than jumping straight there.

Sarissa to the Rescue (3 tags)
Want to build very dynamic web interfaces like Google? Then you'll need to manage cross-browser XML compatability issues. And you'll need Sarissa.

jQuery and XML (3 tags)
Uche Ogbuji returns with a new Agile Web column to explain how to use jQuery to process XML in JavaScript web applications.