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Improving JSF by Dumping JSP (74 tags)
JSF is a great technology for complex web application interfaces. But Hans Bergsten urges you not to give up on JSF just because the JSP layer is flawed; using a custom ViewHandler resolves all of the issues.

JSP 2.0: The New Deal, Part 3 (24 tags)
In this third article on JSP 2.0, Hans Bergsten (author of JavaServer Pages, 3rd Edition) shows the improvements made in JSP 2.0 for writing JSP pages as XML documents.

Six Cool New JSP and Servlet Features (19 tags)
Bruce Perry describes six cool new features Java developers using Tomcat 5.x and other Servlet-API-2.4- and JSP-2.0-compliant containers will want to use in their projects. Bruce is the author of Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook.

JSP 2.0: The New Deal, Part 2 (19 tags)
The wait is almost over: the latest version of the JavaServer Pages (JSP) specification, JSP 2.0, is about to be released. Hans Bergsten shows how the new changes make using JSP and its expression language cleaner and more powerful.

What Is a Portlet (17 tags)
The Portlet API establishes a standard for building a web page out of smaller constituent parts, all managed by a portlet container to create a portal page. In this introduction, Sunil Patil shows how to create a basic "Hello World" portlet and deploy it in the Apache Pluto portal server.