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Internals of Java Class Loading (5 tags)
When are two classes not the same? When they're loaded by different class loaders. This is just one of many curious side effects of Java's class-loading system. Binildas Christudas shows how different class loaders relate to one another and how (and why) to build your own custom class loader.

Real-Time Java: An Introduction (5 tags)
"Real-Time" Java doesn't mean "really fast," but it does mean "really predictable," and that's especially important in many fields where an unpredictable response time, usually caused by the Java Virtual Machine's garbage collector, can cost money or lives. Peter Mikhalenko looks at the Real-Time Specification for Java and Sun's first implementation of the spec.

Introduction to the ASM 2.0 Bytecode Framework (3 tags)
J2SE 5.0 made major changes to the language, and version 2.0 of the ASM bytecode manipulation toolkit is well-suited to handle them. In this article, Eugene Kuleshov shows how ASM 2.0 makes working with bytecode easier, and even offers an example of how to map the external dependencies in an arbitrary .jar file.

Juggle Your Java with JDistro (2 tags)
Typically, one Java application will live in its own virtual machine, but this is neither required nor necessarily desirable. JDistro, a multitasking Java application, makes it possible to run applications, applets, and more, all inside of one process. Howard Wen interviewed creators Guillaume Desnoix and Gérard Collin to find out how it works.