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Getting Started with JXTA, Part 1 (2 tags)
In part one in this series of excerpts from JXTA in a Nutshell, learn about setting up the JXTA Java environment as well as JXTA class files, shells, and peers.

Getting Started with JXTA, Part 2 (2 tags)
In part two of this series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA, from JXTA in a Nutshell, learn about peergroups and discovery, which are important for understanding peer-to-peer Web services.

JXTA Search: A look at the future of searching (2 tags)
Searching on the Web is ridiculous -- searching through an index of keywords often weeks old. JXTA Search, the marriage of P2P searching with Sun's Project JXTA, promises to turn searching into a real-time endeavor. We talk to JXTA Search developers Gene Kan and Steve Waterhouse.