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The REST of the Web (39 tags)
REST, Representational State Transfer, is a collection of design principles that use simple, stateless HTTP for data transfer, without the method-call-like abstractions of RMI or SOAP. Jason R. Briggs shows how you can use this simple architecture, with Jython and Velocity, to develop nimble, loosely coupled web applications.

Tips for Scripting Java with Jython (34 tags)
Here are 11 tips on Jython that can save some serious time for Java programmers.

Jython Tips for Python Programmers (13 tags)
Ten tips on using Jython, especially for Python programmers, from the co-author of Jython Essentials.

Using Python, Jython, and Lucene to Search Outlook Email (6 tags)
Ever had trouble finding a particular email? So did Jon Udell, so he put together Python, Jython and Lucene in order to create a local web service that indexed his Microsoft Outlook mail store.