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OpenBSD Kernel Compilation and Optimization (3 tags)
Recompile your OpenBSD kernel to achieve optimum performance. David Jorm walks us through the process and shows us basic speed hacks.

The Next 50 Years of Computer Security: An Interview with Alan Cox (3 tags)
Alan Cox is well known for his long-standing work on the Linux kernel, but at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON (October 17-20), he will speak about computer security. According to Alan, we're just at the beginning of a long journey into getting security right. Eager for directions and a glimpse of the future, O'Reilly Network interviewed him about his upcoming keynote.

More FreeBSD for Linux Users (2 tags)
BSD and Linux are both Unix workalikes. How different can they be? In certain cases, very! Though the systems share a family tree, their differences sometimes stand out. Dru Lavigne explains FreeBSD's directory layout, devices, kernel modules, and terminology to Linux users.

What Is Darwin (and How It Powers Mac OS X) (2 tags)
Darwin provides the underlying foundation for Mac OS X. In this article, Matthew Russell takes you to the core of Apple's OS and explains how it powers your Mac.