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Introducing LAMP Tuning Techniques (13 tags)
Having a successful web site can be a mixed blessing. It's nice to reach more people, but it's painful to run up against hardware limits. Fortunately, LAMP sites have several tuning options, from tweaking parameters to replacing components. Adam Pedersen explains.

LAMP: The Open Source Web Platform (10 tags)
O'Reilly Network runs a LAMP web site, and the chances are good that your organization does, too. LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + (PHP | Perl | Python), and is our new site dedicated to the platform.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails (9 tags)
The Ruby community is abuzz about Rails, a web application framework that makes database-backed apps dead simple. What's the fuss? Is it worth the hype? Curt Hibbs shows off Rails, building a simple application that even non-Rubyists can follow.

Three-Tier Development with PHP 5 (4 tags)
Well-factored applications separate data storage, manipulation, and display. For PHP programmers, PHP 5 and PEAR make that easier than ever. Luis Yordano Cruz demonstrates how to combine PEAR::DB_DataObject, Smarty, and PHP 5 to improve the design and maintenance of your applications.

Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication (4 tags)
One of the difficulties with a large and active MySQL database is making clean backups without having to bring the server down. A simple method to ensure reliable backups is to set up replication for MySQL. Russell Dyer, author of MySQL in a Nutshell, walks through the process of using replication for data backups.