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Programming is Hard, Let's Go Scripting... (65 tags)
Larry Wall's annual State of the Onion describes the state of Perl, the language and the community. In his 11th address, he discussed the past, present, and future of scripting languages, including the several dimensions of design decisions important to the development of Perl 6.

What I Hate About Your Programming Language (3 tags)
Choosing a programming language is rarely ever as easy as making a list of features and choosing the best ones. Like programming, it can be messy and opinionated. Every language has its own philosophy, and whether that fits your own mind is often a matter of taste.

Choosing a Language for Interactive Fiction (2 tags)
Retro gaming is hot, and what could be more retro than interactive fiction? If you pine for the days of white mailboxes, twisty little passages, and Babelfish all in your mind, perhaps you long to create your own interactive fiction world. Liza Daly starts down that path by explaining how to choose the right IF language.

Lisp and Java (2 tags)
First-class functions are a powerful feature of the Lisp programming langauge. This article describes some ways they can be used, and explores how to approximate them in Java.

What Developers Want (2 tags)
Regardless of the language and platform you choose for development, you likely share some goals with your fellow developers: to be productive, to use good tools, and to keep your tools and processes out of your way while you create good software. Murugan Pal, CTO of SpikeSource, explains ten attributes he thinks developers want.