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Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop (6 tags)
Running a Windows-only laptop is hardly ideal for people who do considerable work in the Linux environment. When Cygwin and ssh aren't enough, consider at least dual-booting into the free software world. Kevin Farnham recently converted his new laptop into a half-Windows, half-Ubuntu GNU/Linux machine. Here's how.

Tales of Rescuing Old Hardware (2 tags)
If you're careful, you can often pick up viable hardware from companies throwing out machines too old to run the latest and greatest Windows software. This is viable for free Unixes, if you can get past the installation. Mikhail Zakharov walks through a tale of exploration, discovery, and patch-writing to install NetBSD over NFS through the serial port of a Pentium I-era Toshiba notebook.

Mobile Email with UUCP (2 tags)
If you're a mobile user, you're probably familiar with webmail, IMAP, and secure SMTP. You probably also know the frustration of long transfers on slow links. A well-aged Internet protocol may be the answer. Sean Reifschneider reintroduces UUCP, a batch command protocol.