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Remixing Culture: An Interview with Lawrence Lessig (19 tags)
What do you get when you mix P2P, inexpensive digital input devices, open source software, easy editing tools, and reasonably affordable bandwidth? Potentially, you get what Lawrence Lessig calls remix culture. He explains in this extensive interview. The concept of remixing culture is the topic of his keynote as well, at O'Reilly's upcoming Emerging Technology Conference (March 14-17 in San Diego).

ESR: "We Don't Need the GPL Anymore" (6 tags)
During a recent Brazilian conference on free and open source software, hacker, writer, and speaker Eric Raymond stated that open source would see more rapid success if the GPL didn't make people nervous. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed ESR to gain more context for the statement and to explore these views more fully.

Free the Orphans: A Look at the Case of Kahle v. Ashcroft (3 tags)
Richard Koman examines the suit in Kahle v. Ashcroft, brought by two digital archivists intending to free in-copyright, out-of-print media, known as "orphan works," from oblivion. Richard talks with lead attorney for the case, Chris Sprigman, where he discusses how this case takes an entirely different angle from the recent copyright term extension suit, Eldred.

Free Culture: Lawrence Lessig Keynote from OSCON 2002 (3 tags)
In his keynote address to a packed house at OSCON 2002, Lawrence Lessig challenges the open source audience to get more involved in the political process. Read the complete transcript of Lawrence's keynote presentation made on July 24, 2002.

Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution (3 tags)
As he follows the business world of movies and music, Tim O'Reilly draws upon his own publishing experience and comments on the current controversy over digital file sharing.