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Demystifying LDAP (82 tags)
Is LDAP a database or a protocol? Is it understandable and deployable without reading a thousand pages of explanation and documentation? Brian Jones untangles some of the myths and legends about LDAP to explain what it is, why it's useful, and how to put it to productive use.

Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP (25 tags)
LDAP's most sensible example is, perhaps, managing contacts throughout a company. There aren't many good examples of this, however. Dustin Puryear wants to change that. In this article, he demonstrates how to build and populate a company-wide LDAP address book.

LDAP in Mac OS X Server (8 tags)
Typical network services problems, such as enabling all of your computers to use the same login information to authenticate users, can be solved with directory services. Panther has the built-in tools, but they're still less than elegant. Tony Williams shows you how to piece them together.

LDAP Server Administration with GOsa (6 tags)
Will the administrative console of the future be a web browser? High-quality open source web administration projects are springing up for almost every service imaginable. If you administer an LDAP server (or would like to but don't particularly want to dive into LDIF intricacies), GOsa can help. Alexander Prohorenko explains how to install, configure, and manage the software.

Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators (5 tags)
The countdown continues this week with number four, LDAP. Æleen Frisch, author of Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition, offers the second installment in a five-part series on the most useful and widely applicable open source administrative tools.