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Prototype: Easing AJAX's Pain (43 tags)
Bruce Perry introduces us to Prototype, a JavaScript library that makes AJAX development faster and easier.

Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1 (10 tags)
Ever find yourself thinking "Someone's surely solved this problem before?" That's the beauty of open source. In this first of three articles, Vikram Goyal explores the Jakarta Commons, mature and well-defined reusable Java components.

The Beauty of REST (6 tags)
Through his LibraryLookup project, Jon Udell finds that you don't need to understand what REST is in order to benefit from its use in a system.

Untwisting Python Network Programming (5 tags)
Python is a powerful and usable language for network programming; its standard library includes several modules for multiple Internet protocols. There's also the powerful Twisted framework. How do you get started? When do you use the standard library and when do you go Twisted? Kendrew Lau demonstrates usable applications with both approaches to help you decide.

Introducing the Amara XML Toolkit (4 tags)
Uche Ogbuji introduces Amara, his new collection of XML tools for Python.