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Keeping Your Life in Subversion (28 tags)
Revision control is great for collaborative projects and distributed projects. How well does it work for individuals? According to Joey Hess, fantastically. He's kept his home directory under revision control for years--here's how he does it with Subversion.

Getting Things Done with Your Mac (20 tags)
Even the most savvy Mac user can have problems staying organized. A number of tips for using a Mac to help organize your life are available from 43 Folders and other sources. This article takes a look at them with the help of Merlin Mann himself.

Hacking Your Way Off The Utility Grid (5 tags)
Brian McConnell describes how he retrofitted his home to generate its own energy and significantly reduce its energy footprint. Learn how he installed a grid-intertied solar electric system, as well as solar water heating and solar forced air heaters.

text.editor.addicts.txt (4 tags)
If you have a strange fascination with text editors for the Mac, join Giles Turnbull as he takes you on a tour, line by line, character by character, into his addiction to the wonderful plain text world.