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How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac? (4 tags)
Apple does a great job of providing elegant software for its platform. But there are plenty of good offerings beyond the fruits of Cupertino. In this amazing survey of proprietary and open source software, Matthew Russell attempts to organize what's available on both fronts and even dares to assign grades. Has he missed anything?

Hash Crash Course (4 tags)
Most explanations of hashes use the metaphor of a dictionary. Most real-world code uses hashes for far different purposes. Simon Cozens explores some patterns of hashes for counting, uniqueness, caching, searching, set operations, and dispatching.

A Firefox Glossary (2 tags)
Brian King, with some help from Nigel McFarlane, covers everything from about:config to "zool" in this fun, fact-filled Firefox glossary. It's by no means exhaustive, but you'll find references to specific chapters or hacks throughout the glossary to Nigel's book, Firefox Hacks. When you're ready to dig deeper, check out his book.