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Building an OpenBSD Live CD (22 tags)
Linux isn't the only operating system that boots and runs off a CD. OpenBSD does as well. Kevin Lo uses his for didactic purposes, but this is a good example for taking your desktop or firewall along with you. Here's how to build and customize an OpenBSD installation on a CD.

Using and Customizing Knoppix (6 tags)
Several Linux distributions boot directly from CD-ROMs. How many are usable in that state? How many are customizable in that state? Klaus Knopper's Knoppix is perhaps the best known of these distributions. Robert Bernier explains how to use Knoppix and how to customize your own self-booting distribution CD.

A Network Administrator's Best Friend: BartPE (4 tags)
If you're installing or troubleshooting networks, then the best tool you've never heard of is BartPE. Mitch Tulloch, author of Windows Server Hacks, tells you why you need it and helps you get up and running with it.

Feather Linux: The Swiss Army Knife of LiveCDs (2 tags)
Bootable LiveCDs have made the lives of Linux dabblers easier. They're also good for administrators and people facing system recovery woes. Among LiveCDs, Feather Linux is a lean and powerful tool. KIVILCIM Hindistan demonstrates how it can make backing up and restoring partitions easy.

Building a Web Cluster with FreeSBIE (2 tags)
If your high-availability solution involves lots of cheap, identical machines, perhaps booting from a LiveCD is the right choice. For the BSD crowd, FreeSBIE may be the best LiveCD option. Alexander Prohorenko demonstrates how to build a custom FreeSBIE CD while putting together a cluster of web servers.