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Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment (32 tags)
EJBs are a little different from the normal J2EE world. Part of that difference lies in the app server's classloaders. While demonstrating how to use log4j with EJB applications, Vikram Goyal explains how classloaders work and how to use them.

Reporting Application Errors by Email (6 tags)
Even if your application logs an error to a local file, the developer doesn't know there's a problem until a user notices it and sends the log file back. It can be more useful for apps to email their own error messages back. And as Sean C. Sullivan explains, it's not hard to do with either log4j or java.util.logging.

Build Flexible Logs With log4j (2 tags)
log4j, an Apache Jakarta project, offers unprecedented levels of control over logging. This article offers a sample Web application to explain how to use log4j.