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Datamining Apache Logs with PostgreSQL (4 tags)
System log files encapsulate a wealth of information for administrators and developers. Teasing that data out of the logs into a format that reveals patterns may be a challenge, though. Robert Bernier shows how to parse, store, and query Apache httpd log data from PostgreSQL to find useful information.

Writing Apache's Logs to MySQL (2 tags)
Adding a few performance statistics to your Apache httpd logs can help you profile your applications. Digging through flat files for information is a drag, though. Logging to a relational database can make reporting and analysis much more convenient. Chris Josephes demonstrates how to install and configure mod_log_mysql and shows off what you can do with it.

Monitoring IPFW Logs (2 tags)
Dru Lavigne shows us how to monitor ipfw logs and more importantly how to deal with what we find.