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Write Your Own Automator Actions (2 tags)
Tiger introduces Automator, which lets users string together preinstalled script steps--called Actions--into a workflow that can be run and saved. For developer types, these Actions are a convenient way to distribute scripts. And in this tutorial, Matt Neuburg shows you how to write your own.

Screenshot Hacks for Mac OS X (2 tags)
You can use a variety of built-in tools in Mac OS X to grab images from your screen and save them to your hard drive. But what if you want to capture drop shadows, or include the cursor, or even capture full-motion DVD video with sound? This article shows you how, using some nifty tools.

Panther Maintenance Tips (2 tags)
Yes, Mac OS X is incredibly stable, but here's a comprehensive list of tips to keep it that way for the duration of your OS install. What? You don't do any maintenance at all? Well, read on. That might change.

Top Ten Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks (2 tags)
From starting up to shutting down, there are big differences between Mac OS X and Unix machines. Brian Jepson, coauthor of Mac OS X for Unix Geeks offers 10 tips he gathered while working on the book. If you're a Unix geek moving to Mac OS X, these tips will help smooth the way. Brian has recently updated this "oldie but goodie."