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Building J2EE Projects with Maven (82 tags)
Vincent Massol offers some real-life experience building J2EE applications with Maven. Using the example of a Petstore app, Massol shows you how to generate J2EE artifacts (EJB JARs, WARs, EARs) with Maven. He is coauthor of Maven: A Developer's Notebook.

Developing with Maven (35 tags)
By knowing what developers want in a build tool, Maven hopes to unseat Ant as the favorite build tool of Java developers. Rob Herbst looks at Maven's most compelling features.

Getting Started with Maven (23 tags)
In this excerpt from Maven: A Developer's Notebook, authors Vincent Massol and Timothy M. O'Brien show you how to install and start working with Maven, the do-it-all Java project builder/manager.

Maven: Trove of Tips (8 tags)
Maven not offers not just a build tool but an entire project environment, including documentation and testing features. All of which is a lot to bite off with an existing project. Andreas Schaefer made the switch to Maven and has some real-world lessons he learned from the experience.

Extending Maven Through Plugins (3 tags)
Maven is the build tool that does everything for you, from compiling code to setting up structures for process and documentation. But what if there's something more that you do and you want to integrate it into Maven? Eric Pugh shows you how to do this with Maven plugins.