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Better Code Through Destruction (13 tags)
Perl 5's reference counting scheme almost always keeps memory usage predictable...except for one corner case. The Resource Acquisition Is Initialization strategy helps avoid memory leaks--and can improve your use of exceptions, alarms, other resources, and even transactional systems. Igor Gariev demonstrates.

C++ Memory Management: From Fear to Triumph, Part 2 (3 tags)
Half of wisdom is knowing what doesn't work. George Belotsky eloquently explained Common C++ Memory Management Errors in a previous article. This article explains design principles that will help you use C++ effectively and efficiently.

C++ Memory Management: From Fear to Triumph (2 tags)
With modern memory-managed languages, is there any reason to program in C or C++ anymore? George Belotsky says yes. Even a brilliant memory-management scheme may not fit your particular application. In the first of three articles, George examines common memory errors in C++.

Memory Management in Cocoa (2 tags)
This excerpt from Learning Cocoa with Objective-C provides a concise description of how memory management in Cocoa works, as well as a set of rules to help you manage things correctly.