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Build Your Own AIM Answerbot (32 tags)
The easiest way to solve a thorny problem is to ask a guru... yet when you don't have access to a resident expert just across the office, what can you do? IRC bots solve this problem -- if you have access to IRC. Robert Treat redeployed that idea within his company across AIM with a bit of Perl, a database full of answers, and a couple of hours of time.

Enterprise Streaming (4 tags)
The Java Message Service is a lynchpin of J2EE, but is in some ways more difficult and less flexible than more basic forms of communication, like the stream model of the package. However, as Amir Shevat writes, the two are not mutually exclusive--you can write to JMS topics and queues with streams.

Web Services Messaging with Apache Axis2: Concepts and Techniques (3 tags)
The messaging strategies needed for web services vary, and Apache Axis2 has addressed this problem by creating basic building blocks from which many messaging schemes can be built. Srinath Perera and Ajith Ranabahu show how it works.