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What Is RDF (12 tags)
An introduction to the W3C's Resource Description Format, a standard for exchanging metadata, and a key technology for the W3C's "Semantic Web".

Introducing SKOS (12 tags)
Peter Mikhalenko introduces SKOS, a W3C standard for using RDF to represent thesauri, taxonomies, and other information space structures.

How eBay Uses Metadata to Enhance Its Web Services (9 tags)
Alan Lewis, an eBay developer, explains how the auction giant uses metadata to enhance the documentation of its complex e-commerce web services.

SIMILE: Practical Metadata for the Semantic Web (8 tags)
Digital libraries and generic metadata form part of the background assumptions and forward-looking goals of the Semantic Web. SIMILE is an interesting project aimed at realizing some of those goals.

Microformats in Context (8 tags)
Uche Ogbuji takes a careful look at microformats and concludes that while, in practice, they suffer from serious non-trivial problems, the basic idea offers an interesting basis upon which to build interesting data formats, particularly in conjunction with complementary technologies.