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Interactive Microcontent (8 tags)
Adding behavior to data can make it a lot smarter. In this article, Jon Udell explores and experiments with the DOM API for making small sections of web pages and XML documents interactive and productive.

Microcontent Management with Syncato (5 tags)
Syncato is an XML database backed content management system. Use it to store and manage media such as music playlists or photos as well as your weblog content.

What Are Microformats (4 tags)
Micah Dubinko asks what microformats are and whether they are here to stay.

Microformats in Context (2 tags)
Uche Ogbuji takes a careful look at microformats and concludes that while, in practice, they suffer from serious non-trivial problems, the basic idea offers an interesting basis upon which to build interesting data formats, particularly in conjunction with complementary technologies.