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Roll Your Own Series 60 Phone Applications (12 tags)
As cell phones become better computers, they become better platforms for real applications. In theory, that means hobbyists and home users can write code for their phones. In practice? John Littler explores the options to start programming your Series 60 smartphone.

Python on Your (S60) Phone (11 tags)
Nokia recently released a Python distribution that runs on Series 60 phones. Sure it's cool, but is it useful? John Littler walks through the available packages and the installation process, as well as some example Python code.

Developing Wireless Content using XHTML Mobile (10 tags)
XHTML Mobile provides an answer to the proliferation of incompatible mobile markup solutions. Find out how to make mobile content, and ensure backwards compatibility.

Using Mobile Phones to Model Complex Social Systems (10 tags)
The very nature of mobile phones makes them ideal vehicles to study individuals and organizations. Nathan Eagle describes the Reality Mining project, underway at MIT's Media Lab, which collects information from the phones of 100 human subjects at MIT to show how the use of mobile phones can model complex social systems. Nathan will be discussing this project in more depth at O'Reilly's Where 2.0 Conference.

Developing Web-Service-Driven, Smart Mobile Applications (9 tags)
Working with web services and other network protocols that were designed with broadband in mind can become a real burden to making applications really mobile. But there is hope. Michael Yaun walks through the design and implementation of a complete end-to-end mobile application that solves these difficult problems.