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Rapid Website Development with CGI::Application (4 tags)
Perl has a wealth of good web frameworks. One of the season's toolkits, CGI::Application, has recently seen a bout of new development to make building web apps faster and much easier. Mark Stosberg demonstrates these new features and how to use them.

Apache Modules (3 tags)
One of the biggest advantages of Apache over other web servers is how easy it is to write powerful modules. In Apache 2.0, modules can now be included as part of other modules to reuse code. Ryan Bloom explains how to take advantage of this.

Ten Essential Development Practices (2 tags)
Perl lets you be productive in everything from quick and dirty throwaway programs to big, business-critical applications. Building the latter requires some discipline, though. Damian Conway shares ten essential development practices to make your Perl programming easier, more reliable, and even more enjoyable.

Introducing Mac::Glue (2 tags)
Now that Apple computers are all the rage again, we describe how the technically inclined can use Perl to script Mac applications.

Making Perl Reusable with Modules (2 tags)
Perl programs are easy to write, especially if they solve simple problems. If you find yourself re-using the same programs (or worse, the same code), it's time to bundle your code into pieces easier to reuse. It's time to turn programs into modules. Andy Sylvester walks through the three steps of making a simple, standalone Perl program into a robust, tested, distributable, and reusable piece of code.