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Seven Cool Mono Apps (25 tags)
Edd Dumbill takes a look at seven of the cool open source programs being built on Mono.

Miguel de Icaza Explains How to "Get" Mono (21 tags)
It's perhaps the most controversial project in the open source world, but this mostly stems from misunderstanding: Mono, the open source development platform based upon Microsoft's .NET framework. Immediate reactions from many dubious Linux developers have ranged from confusion over its connection with .NET to wondering what the benefits of developing under it are. Throughout the course of its four years of intense development, sponsored by Novell, Mono founder Miguel de Icaza has had to frequently clarify the .NET issue and sell the community on it. In this new interview, Howard Wen asks Miguel to explain himself one more time.

Building Mono on Windows (17 tags)
Mono, the open source implementation of the CLR, is not just for non-Microsoft platforms. Kevin Shockey walks you through the three phases required to build Mono on Windows without using the .NET framework.

Using the Gtk Toolkit with Mono (10 tags)
As a cross-platform UI framework, Gtk allows you to develop graphical user interfaces for applications on Microsoft Windows, various flavors of Unix and Linux, and Mac OS X, without having to write OS-specific UI code. Because it is cross-platform and object-oriented, the Mono team decided to use Gtk as the basis for its UI framework. Gtk#, the C# wrapper for Gtk, is the result. Niel Bornstein, coauthor of Mono: A Developer's Notebook, shows you how to get started with Gtk#.

Will Mono Become the Preferred Platform for Linux Development? (7 tags)
Miguel de Icaza recently led a two-day meeting that brought together developers and early adopters of the Mono project, an open source effort to create a free implementation of the .NET Development Framework. Edd Dumbill attended the gathering and reports on how Mono could become the first-choice platform for Linux software development.