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Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Making of the Movie (2 tags)
Jon Udell explains the process of making a documentary screencast, taking a look at the various screencast genres and examining the potential significance of this medium.

Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5 (2 tags)
One of the best features in the current crop of consumer digital still cameras is their ability to capture high-quality video. iPhoto 5 is in step with this evolution and provides a great environment for taking those snippets and creating real movies. Derrick Story shows you how.

Movies of Software (2 tags)
Jon Udell examines using movies to describe, demonstrate, or document the behavior of software in this month's installment of Primetime Hypermedia.

Create Self-Booting Movie CDs (2 tags)
Self-booting Linux distributions are really, really cool. They can also be really, really useful, and not just for system administrators or gamers. Robert Bernier demonstrates how he turns his precious DVDs into self-booting Linux CDs that his son can take with him.