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Mozilla as a Development Platform: An Interview with Axel Hecht (14 tags)
Axel Hecht is a member of Mozilla Europe's board of directors, and a major contributor to the Mozilla project. At O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention (October 17-20), Dr. Hecht will be talking about Mozilla as a development platform. O'Reilly Network interviewed Dr. Hecht to find out if the long-held dream of Mozilla as a development platform was about to come true.

A Firefox Glossary (13 tags)
Brian King, with some help from Nigel McFarlane, covers everything from about:config to "zool" in this fun, fact-filled Firefox glossary. It's by no means exhaustive, but you'll find references to specific chapters or hacks throughout the glossary to Nigel's book, Firefox Hacks. When you're ready to dig deeper, check out his book.

Calling SOAP Servers from JS in Mozilla (9 tags)
Interacting with web servers through forms and user actions alone seems so dry and boring. The full-fledged SOAP client built into the Mozilla family of browsers can make your applications more active and useful. Zachary Kessin shows how to write a simple SOAP server in PHP that communicates with Mozilla through JavaScript.

Roll Your Own Browser (8 tags)
Here's a look at using the Mozilla toolkit to customize, or even create your own browser, by Brian King, coauthor of Creating Applications with Mozilla.

What Is Greasemonkey (8 tags)
Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that lets you write scripts to alter the web pages you visit. Mark Pilgrim, author of Greasemonkey Hacks, shows how to install and use Greasemonkey to enhance your Firefox surfing experience.