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Top Ten Excel Annoyances (2 tags)
Excel Annoyances author Curt Frye claims that the "the river of Excel annoyances runs deep and treacherous," and we suspect that you might agree. In this article, Curt offers fixes for ten of the most common annoyances, giving you the paddle you need to stay afloat in the currents of your favorite spreadsheet.

Lightweight XML Editing in Word 2003 (2 tags)
Strictly speaking, you can edit custom XML in Word, but there are limitations that make the process needlessly complex. This article presents a lightweight approach to XML editing in Word that works in all editions of Word 2003. All you need besides Word is an XSLT processor. Evan Lenz, coauthor of Office 2003 XML, shows you how.

Word to XML and Back Again (2 tags)
Peter Sefton introduces a technique, using Python and XSLT, to convert MS Word XML output into something useful.