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Confessions of a Recovering NetBSD Zealot (15 tags)
Charles M. Hannum is one of the founders of the NetBSD project. He recently posted to the NetBSD list that the project has "stagnated to the point of irrelevance" and gave suggestions for improvement. As you might expect, this provoked strong reactions. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed Hannum about the past, present, and potential future of NetBSD.

Lightweight Web Serving with thttpd (4 tags)
Apache httpd is full of features and abilities, but sometimes it's too heavy for simple sites or static pages. In some cases, a simpler, lighter web server is a good alternative (or addition). Julio M. Merino Vidal demonstrates how to install and configure the simple, fast, and powerful thttpd to serve simple static and generated content very quickly.

Tales of Rescuing Old Hardware (3 tags)
If you're careful, you can often pick up viable hardware from companies throwing out machines too old to run the latest and greatest Windows software. This is viable for free Unixes, if you can get past the installation. Mikhail Zakharov walks through a tale of exploration, discovery, and patch-writing to install NetBSD over NFS through the serial port of a Pentium I-era Toshiba notebook.

Palmtop NetBSD (3 tags)
"Of course it runs NetBSD." NetBSD's fantastically portable, but that doesn't make it supremely easy to install on oddball hardware like a Dreamcast or a palmtop computer. Michael Lucas demonstrates cross-installation with the HP Jornada 728.

TTYs and X Window: Unix Now and Then (3 tags)
Hubert Feyrer discusses the history of Unix terminal emulation and compares the X Window System to traditional terminal-based I/O.