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Introducing Nonblocking Sockets (46 tags)
Nonblocking sockets, the new I/O API in J2SE 1.4, allow I/O operations on a channel without blocking the processes using it. This will allow for asynchronous high-performance read/write operations that will totally alter the techniques for developing socked-based applications.

Building Highly Scalable Servers with Java NIO (4 tags)
For massive, high-performance systems, thread-per-client systems may not scale because of the expense in switching thread contexts. Sometimes, as Nuno Santos explains, you have to go lower-level. In this article, he shows how his team used multiplexing features in java.nio and a Swing-like event dispatcher to achieve extremely high performance.

Top Ten New Things You Can Do with NIO (4 tags)
NIO brings a host of powerful new capabilities to the Java platform. In this article, Ron Hitchens, author of Java NIO, lists a slew of new things you can do with NIO that you couldn't do before in Java.

Using SSL with Non-Blocking IO (3 tags)
Java 1.4 introduced non-blocking IO in the NIO package, but not a means of running SSL over it. That forced developers to choose between security and scalability. In J2SE 5.0, there is now a transport-agnostic SSL API, but it takes some work to understand. Nuno Santos shows how to put the two together.