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Hacking Open Office (6 tags)
Peter Sefton shows us how to use XML tools to hack Open Office file formats.

What Is a Pivot Table (4 tags)
Pivot tables are a hidden gem in Excel. While many otherwise experienced spreadsheet users avoid them because they seem too complicated at first glance, the real problem is that pivot tables are rarely explained properly. This article illuminates how your life will be better when you learn to use pivot tables, then walks you through how to build a basic pivot table.

What Is OpenDocument (3 tags)
The OpenDocument Format (ODF), an open source file format standard for electronic office documents, is poised to change the world from an application-centric model of computing to a document-centric model. Sam Hiser looks at this new standard, how it implements XML for office documents, the technical and political wranglings in the standard, available tools, applications that offer ODF support, who's implementing ODF, and more.

Opening Microsoft File Formats to Java (3 tags)
Microsoft's file formats were once black arts to developers on non-sanctioned platforms. Thanks to Jakarta POI, however, it's possible to read and write them from Java. Apache's Andrew C. Oliver and Avik Sengupta explain the basics of the project in the first of a series of three articles.

From Word to XML (3 tags)
In the year's last Q&A column John E. Simpson discusses some of the issues surrounding the conversion of MS Word documents to XML.