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The Practicality of OO PHP (7 tags)
PHP is an easy language for doing practical things immediately. The easiest ways to begin aren't always the best ways to stay productive, though. PHP's support for object orientation requires a little more learning and a little more discipline, but it has many benefits for larger projects. David Day explains the basics of OO in PHP 4.

Better Code Through Destruction (6 tags)
Perl 5's reference counting scheme almost always keeps memory usage predictable...except for one corner case. The Resource Acquisition Is Initialization strategy helps avoid memory leaks--and can improve your use of exceptions, alarms, other resources, and even transactional systems. Igor Gariev demonstrates.

Hacking Open Office (2 tags)
Peter Sefton shows us how to use XML tools to hack Open Office file formats.

Object Overloading in PHP 5 (2 tags)
PHP 5 has greatly improved object-oriented programming support. It also has new hooks to overload methods and properties. How can you do this? Why would you want to? Martin Jansen demonstrates method and property overloading with PHP 5 objects.

Introducing Comega (2 tags)
Dare Obasanjo explains some of the ways in which Cω--a new language from Microsoft Research--makes XML processing easier and more natural.