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Understanding MVC in PHP (123 tags)
The most popular "proper" way to build a web application seems to be to use the Model-View-Controller design pattern. While it sounds complex, the concepts are sound and the ease of development it provides are compelling. Joe Stump shows how MVC can work in PHP by walking through working, example code.

The Practicality of OO PHP (10 tags)
PHP is an easy language for doing practical things immediately. The easiest ways to begin aren't always the best ways to stay productive, though. PHP's support for object orientation requires a little more learning and a little more discipline, but it has many benefits for larger projects. David Day explains the basics of OO in PHP 4.

Object Overloading in PHP 5 (5 tags)
PHP 5 has greatly improved object-oriented programming support. It also has new hooks to overload methods and properties. How can you do this? Why would you want to? Martin Jansen demonstrates method and property overloading with PHP 5 objects.

Form Your Own Design Pattern Study Group (5 tags)
Like most complex subjects, design patterns are best learned over a period of time, not in a few sittings. Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Freeman, coauthors of Head First Design Patterns, suggest one way to ease the learning curve (and have some fun along the way): form a study group, using their book. If you're ready to get your engineering team together, the Freemans get you started in this article with a plan to follow and chapter-by-chapter questions to help generate discussion.

Static Constructors Demystified (3 tags)
Static classes in C# are an important tool that most developers should know how to use effectively. The confusion usually surfaces when dealing with static constructors to set up a static class. Understanding some of the issues surrounding static constructors, like beforeFieldInit and static field initialization, will help you effectively use static initialization features of your static class. Satya Komatineni explains the intricate nature of static classes and their constructors.