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What Is Open Source (6 tags)
Answering the question "What is open source?" used to be a lot simpler than it is today. Dan Woods provides some insight by first explaining how open source software is developed, then delving into how different groups define the term, and closing with a look at how open source institutions continue to advance the cause. Dan is coauthor of Open Source for the Enterprise.

Hacking Open Office (4 tags)
Peter Sefton shows us how to use XML tools to hack Open Office file formats.

Sowing the Seeds of Open Source Advocacy (3 tags)
Advocacy is critical to the spread of open source and free software. Good advocacy can help spread freedom and software quality, while bad advocacy can reinforce unpleasant stereotypes. Good advocacy requires far more than just being right, though. Jono Bacon explores how to approach the message and the audience.

Which Open Source Wiki Works For You? (3 tags)
An old idea--user-writable web pages--has taken off again recently. Wikis are becoming more popular as tools for communication and collaboration. There are also several dozen packages to create them. Shlomi Fish compares features of several popular open source Perl, Python, and PHP Wikis.

What Is Free Software (3 tags)
Today, free software is a large body of high-quality code on which much of the internet depends for critical functions. But free software is much more than a collection of programs. Karl Fogel examines free software under three different lights: as a political movement; as a programming methodology; and as a business model. Karl is the author of Producing Open Source Software.