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Building an OpenBSD Live CD (31 tags)
Linux isn't the only operating system that boots and runs off a CD. OpenBSD does as well. Kevin Lo uses his for didactic purposes, but this is a good example for taking your desktop or firewall along with you. Here's how to build and customize an OpenBSD installation on a CD.

Homemade Embedded BSD Systems (5 tags)
BSD runs nicely on older PCs, but they can be noisy and time-consuming to set up. Worse yet, the hardware may be at the end of its life. Is there a better alternative to dedicated (and closed) hardware devices? Michael Lucas demonstrates using BSD on a low-power, low-fuss Soekris box.

OpenBSD Kernel Compilation and Optimization (5 tags)
Recompile your OpenBSD kernel to achieve optimum performance. David Jorm walks us through the process and shows us basic speed hacks.

Securing Small Networks With OpenBSD, Part 2 (4 tags)
OpenBSD switched from using IPFilter as its default firewall to PF, or Packet Filter, as the new default. Jacek Artymiak explains how to make a smooth transition from ipf to pf.

OpenBSD 3.9: Blob-Busters Interviewed (4 tags)
Every six months, the OpenBSD team releases a new version of their OS. OpenBSD 3.9 is here. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed the core developers about new features and improvements, as well as their principled stand against shipping binary-only blobs in place of actual drivers.