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Hacking Open Office (52 tags)
Peter Sefton shows us how to use XML tools to hack Open Office file formats.

Create a Letterhead Using Writer (9 tags)
Stop wasting your money paying a print shop for letterheads. Jean Hollis Weber, author of Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word, shows you how you can use Writer to create letterheads at no cost.

X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X (5 tags)
X11 for OS X allows you to build graphical Unix-based applications on your Mac. While you may not be a programmer, knowing how to install X11 on your system allows you to run hundreds of programs under X11, including the focus of this article, OpenOffice. Here's how to do it.

Technical Writing Using Writer (3 tags)
If you're in the business of writing technical documents and you've been using Word in particular, you could benefit by switching to Writer. Jean Hollis Weber, author of Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word, reviews Writer's many features of particular interest to tech writers, including a customizable interface, support for styles, advanced page layout capabilities, and a full macro language.

What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office) (3 tags)
NeoOffice/J is the long-awaited Mac-friendly version of OpenOffice. This open source project provides Mac users with most of the functionality of Microsoft Office, but for free. Is NeoOffice robust enough to serve as your only office suite in a Microsoft-dominated world? Matthew Russell explores. Plus, an in-depth interview with its lead developer, Patrick Luby.