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Full Outer Joins in Oracle9i (7 tags)
Learn how to use the new ANSI-compliant join syntax in Oracle 9i, which simplifies the task of performing a full outer join.

Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 1 (3 tags)
The Oracle 9i Developer Release for Mac OS X opens up a new world of corporate database management for both Apple and Oracle. David Simpson begins this series with a look at the issues for DBAs who are considering making the move to Oracle on OS X.

Top Ten Oracle JDBC Tips (3 tags)
Java Programming with Oracle JDBC author Don Bales offers his top ten tips for squeezing performance from the Oracle JDBC.

How to Misuse SQL's FROM Clause (3 tags)
Many SQL queries misuse their FROM clauses. Misuse them? That's right. Stéphane Faroult explains this common mistake and demonstrates how two types of subqueries can improve performance and reliability.

Standardizing Java Persistence with the EJB3 Java Persistence API (2 tags)
Dissatisfaction with entity beans as an "official" means of persisting Java objects to databases has prompted a number of "unofficial" approaches, such as the very popular Hibernate. Now EJB3 seems to have learned its lesson: its new Java Persistence API allows you to persist plain old Java objects (POJOs) with a minimum of fuss and just a few annotations. Debu Panda looks at how to put this new standard to work.