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Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity (26 tags)
Hibernate has one set of ideas about how to make something unique, such as using a database sequence number as an ID. But this clashes with Java's need for implementations of equals() and hashCode() that determine identity for objects, even those that haven't yet made a trip to the database and thus can't have a sequence number. James Brundege has an option that should satisfy both Hibernate and Java.

Working with Hibernate in Eclipse (6 tags)
Jim Elliott was curious about whether anyone had written plugins to work with Hibernate in Eclispe, as he'd just finished writing Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook. It turns out there are several such efforts underway. In this article, Jim explores Hibernate Synchronizer--a plugin that automatically updates your Java code when you change your mapping document.

Simple Object Persistence with the db4o Object Database (5 tags)
Mapping Java objects to relational databases is a difficult task, fraught with perils and gotchas. db4o dodges the issue entirely by providing an object-oriented persistence mechanism that is small, lightweight and efficient. Jim Paterson shows how it works.

Object-Relational Mapping with SQLMaps (3 tags)
Hibernate is great--if your DBA will let you run generated database queries on his or her system. Sometimes you need to keep the option of hand-optimized queries open. Sunil Patil introduces SQLMaps, a framework that allows you to do just that.

What Is Hibernate (3 tags)
Hibernate is a free open source Java package that makes it easy to work with relational databases. James Elliott describes the "enlightened laziness" that resulted in the development of Hibernate, how it works, and when it makes good sense to use it in your projects. James is the author of Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook.