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OSCON 2005: Know When to Fold 'Em (2 tags)
During the Thursday morning keynotes at O'Reilly's Open Source Conference (OSCON) 2005, Robert J. Lang explored some of the connections between origami and open source in a talk titled "Computational Origami from Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes." Lang explained that not only has open source software contributed to origami as an artform, but the development of origami has also served as an apt metaphor for open source.

LazyWeb and RSS: Given Enough Eyeballs, Are Features Shallow Too? (2 tags)
Clay Shirky muses on LazyWeb, the idea that "If you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about." Clay says it is coming to mean "I describe a feature I think should exist in hopes that someone else will code it." Find out why Clay thinks LazyWeb works, how RSS can advance the concept, and how to use it as a way to spread new ideas.