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Building a Parrot Compiler (4 tags)
Parrot, the virtual machine for Perl 6, is not just for Perl 6 anymore. It's a surprisingly high-level, high-performance target for all sorts of languages. Dan Sugalski demonstrates Parrot's capabilities by building a compiler for a simple, yet business-critical, 4GL. Dan is a coauthor of Perl 6 Essentials.

Parrot : Some Assembly Required (2 tags)
Last week, the first version of the Parrot assembler and virtual machine was released; since then, we've seen a flurry of activity and patches to it. Simon Cozens tells us all about what Parrot is, how it relates to Perl 6, how to write in Parrot assembler, and how to get involved in developing and improving Parrot.

Everyday Perl 6 (2 tags)
Perl 6 will soon be here, and to Perl 5 programmers it will feel very different yet very much the same. Perl 6 will enable programmers to be more expressive by giving them more tools to work with (making easy things easy) and allowing them to be more precise in their expressions. Jonathan Scott Duff demonstrates how everyday Perl tasks remain easy but become clearer and more powerful in Perl 6 code that you can run today.