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Software Patents in the EU (14 tags)
Ed Griffith-Jones and Tom Chance describe the state of software patents in the European Union and argue that software patents do not lead to increased productivity and do not benefit society. In short, they think that software patents are a bad idea. What do you think? Weigh in with your opinions via the Talkback at the end of the article.

U.S. Patent Reform Bill: An Interview with Mark Webbink (4 tags)
Richard Koman talks with Mark Webbink, deputy general counsel for intellectual property at Red Hat, about the state of patents, the patents commons idea, and the patent reform legislation working its way through Congress.

RMS: The GNU GPL Is Here to Stay (4 tags)
Though some in the open source world claim that the GPL is now unnecessary, RMS and the Free Software Foundation are still working night and day to promote the idea of software freedom. Part of that is a revision to the popular GNU General Public License. Federico Biancuzzi recently chatted with Richard Stallman about the goals and plans and successes of the GPL.

ESR: "We Don't Need the GPL Anymore" (3 tags)
During a recent Brazilian conference on free and open source software, hacker, writer, and speaker Eric Raymond stated that open source would see more rapid success if the GPL didn't make people nervous. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed ESR to gain more context for the statement and to explore these views more fully.

Legal Opinions (2 tags)
This week the entire program is devoted to the closing plenary from OSCON 2006 delivered by Eben Moglen. Eben Moglen is a professor of law and legal history at Columbia University Law School and is general counsel of the Free Software Foundation. (DTF 09-25-2006: 33 minutes, 10 seconds)