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Java 2ME and MIDP Development (3 tags)
John Muchow shows how the Java 2ME and MIDP can be used to develop simple cell phone applications.

What Is a BlackBerry (3 tags)
Wondered what a BlackBerry really does, and whether you should have one? Dave Mabe looks at six reasons why the BlackBerry is a true productivity tool, from its push email capabilities to its corporate customer features, and more. Dave is author of the upcoming BlackBerry Hacks.

Palmtop NetBSD (2 tags)
"Of course it runs NetBSD." NetBSD's fantastically portable, but that doesn't make it supremely easy to install on oddball hardware like a Dreamcast or a palmtop computer. Michael Lucas demonstrates cross-installation with the HP Jornada 728.

Linux on Pocket PCs (2 tags)
While tiny, handheld computers may seem like geek toys, they're actually very practical for any environment with mobile data access -- hospitality, medicine, or finance -- and even for journalists. They can even run Linux. John Littler explores the Penguin-friendly heavy hitters in this area.

Linux on an iPAQ (2 tags)
You may not realize that there are a number of Linux installations available for the Compaq iPAQ handheld computer. Chris Halsall reviews the various distributions and walks you through the reconfiguration process.