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The Dynamic Duo of PEAR::DB and Smarty (37 tags)
It can be difficult to separate business logic and formatting in PHP. There are several good templating solutions, though, including the popular and powerful Smarty. Joao Prado Maia demonstrates how to use Smarty with a database back end through the PEAR::DB library.

Programming eBay Web Services with PHP 5 and Services_Ebay (12 tags)
PHP 5 added several new features to the language, yet laundry lists and high-level overviews don't really show what they are or why you might use them. Fortunately, Adam Trachtenberg writes for us. Here's how to use the new features of PHP 5 for writing web services clients.

Three-Tier Development with PHP 5 (6 tags)
Well-factored applications separate data storage, manipulation, and display. For PHP programmers, PHP 5 and PEAR make that easier than ever. Luis Yordano Cruz demonstrates how to combine PEAR::DB_DataObject, Smarty, and PHP 5 to improve the design and maintenance of your applications.

PHP's PEAR on Mac OS X (6 tags)
The PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) is an online repository of high-quality, peer-reviewed PHP classes that conform to a rigorous coding standard. In this article, Jason Perkins shows you how to install, configure and use the PEAR Package Manager on Mac OS X 10.2

Caching PHP Programs with PEAR (6 tags)
PHP scripts are compiled and HTML is generated each time a web page is requested. Sebastian Bergmann uses PEAR caching to store these dynamic requests and speed up PHP web sites.