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ESR: "We Don't Need the GPL Anymore" (6 tags)
During a recent Brazilian conference on free and open source software, hacker, writer, and speaker Eric Raymond stated that open source would see more rapid success if the GPL didn't make people nervous. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed ESR to gain more context for the statement and to explore these views more fully.

Art and Computer Programming (3 tags)
One of the great theoretical debates in computer programming is "Is programming art?" There are creative components certainly, and aesthetic aspects occasionally, but do programming's functional concerns push it more toward craft or engineering? John Littler recently cornered several well-known hackers for their opinions on the subject.

Perl Internationalization and Haskell: An Interview with Autrijus Tang (3 tags)
Self-proclaimed "Net activist, artist, and anarchist" Autrijus Tang will be a featured speaker at this October's EuroOSCON. He discusses one of his conference topics--Haskell--extensively in this interview with O'Reilly Network. Autrijus also covers Gettext bindings, Perl internationalization tools, CPAN, and more in this wide-ranging conversation.

Paul Graham on Hacking (2 tags)
Paul Graham is a hacker, a painter, and an essayist known as much for his thoughtful writings on spam, hacking, and Lisp as for creating the Arc programming language. In this interview with the O'Reilly Network, Paul discusses hacking, creativity, computer science education, and language design. Paul's collection of essays has just been released in a new book from O'Reilly, Hackers & Painters.

An Interview with Chris Date (2 tags)
Tony Williams conducted this interview with Chris Date shortly after the release of his new book, Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners, from O'Reilly. In this extensive conversation, Chris debunks a lot of wrong information on "weaknesses of the relational model"; discusses the impact of his classic book, The Third Manifesto, with Hugh Darwen; evaluates the future of SQL as well as his past comments on the language; and closes with his thoughts on the future of DBMSs.