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Profiling Your Applications with Eclipse Callisto (27 tags)
Callisto, a bundle of optional plugins for Eclipse, now comes with a profiling tool called the Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP). TPTP includes testing, tracing, performance monitoring, profiling, and static-code analysis tools. John Ferguson Smart offers this guided tour of how to use TPTP to speed up your apps.

The PHP Scalability Myth (25 tags)
Java scales ... but so does PHP. That's the argument Jack Herrington puts forth in comparing how each can be used to create web applications with modern architectures.

Enhance Collection Performance with this Treasure Trove (17 tags)
Trove is an open source Collection implementations. You can use these instead of the standard collections to get increased performance.

The Performance of Java's Lists (10 tags)
Jack Shirazi examines the performance issues for the three primary java.util.List implementations: Vector, ArrayList and LinkedList.

How to Misuse SQL's FROM Clause (9 tags)
Many SQL queries misuse their FROM clauses. Misuse them? That's right. Stéphane Faroult explains this common mistake and demonstrates how two types of subqueries can improve performance and reliability.