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Everyday Perl 6 (54 tags)
Perl 6 will soon be here, and to Perl 5 programmers it will feel very different yet very much the same. Perl 6 will enable programmers to be more expressive by giving them more tools to work with (making easy things easy) and allowing them to be more precise in their expressions. Jonathan Scott Duff demonstrates how everyday Perl tasks remain easy but become clearer and more powerful in Perl 6 code that you can run today.

What Is Perl 6 (29 tags)
Perl 6 is the long-awaited rewrite of the venerable Perl programming language. What's the status? What's changing? What's staying the same? Why does Perl need a rewrite anyway? chromatic attempts to answer all of these questions.

The Beauty of Perl 6 Parameter Passing (23 tags)
Perl 6 isn't quite out yet, but you can learn and play with it today in various incarnations. One of the most compelling new features is a revamped and revised mechanism of parameter passing. Phil Crow demonstrates how powerful it is, and how you can gradually adopt more and more powerful constructs.

A Plan for Pugs (6 tags)
Want to write actual working Perl 6 code? A month ago, it would have been difficult. What a difference February made. Autrijus Tang and a loyal cadre of Perl and Haskell people have developed an amazingly complete Perl 6 implementation in a few short weeks. chromatic recently caught up with Autrijus on #perl6 to learn more about the project.

The State of the Onion 10 (4 tags)
In Larry Wall's tenth annual State of the Onion address, he talks about raising children and programming languages and balancing competing tensions and irreconcilable desires.