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The State of the Onion 10 (8 tags)
In Larry Wall's tenth annual State of the Onion address, he talks about raising children and programming languages and balancing competing tensions and irreconcilable desires.

The Commons Doesn't Have a Business Plan (3 tags)
The commons used to be a grassy area in the center of town where anyone could graze animals. Now it's a metaphor for anything available to everyone without restriction. Andy Oram argues that this is the ground from which new businesses spring--and that open source and free software are the wellspring for new software and technology.

Swarm Intelligence: An Interview with Eric Bonabeau (3 tags)
The concept of swarm intelligence is borrowed from nature, and in this interview with Eric Bonabeau, that's where the conversation begins--with ants and other social insects. Dr. Bonabeau takes us from his childhood nightmares of carnivorous wasps to applying the theories of swarm intelligence to solving real problems in the business world.

What Is Free Software (2 tags)
Today, free software is a large body of high-quality code on which much of the internet depends for critical functions. But free software is much more than a collection of programs. Karl Fogel examines free software under three different lights: as a political movement; as a programming methodology; and as a business model. Karl is the author of Producing Open Source Software.