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VoIP and POTS Integration with Asterisk (13 tags)
Learn how to configure an Asterisk system so that it can receive calls from other SIP clients and interoperate with both analog and VoIP telephony services.

Roll Your Own Series 60 Phone Applications (11 tags)
As cell phones become better computers, they become better platforms for real applications. In theory, that means hobbyists and home users can write code for their phones. In practice? John Littler explores the options to start programming your Series 60 smartphone.

Top Ten Questions People Ask About Switching to Internet Telephones (9 tags)
Talk Is Cheap author James Gaskin blames internet telephone vendors, and the press, for dropping the information ball for consumers when it comes to the basic questions they have about switching to internet, or broadband, telephones. If you're contemplating a switch, James has answers to ten most frequently asked questions about dropping your traditional telephone provider for broadband.

Python on Your (S60) Phone (5 tags)
Nokia recently released a Python distribution that runs on Series 60 phones. Sure it's cool, but is it useful? John Littler walks through the available packages and the installation process, as well as some example Python code.

Building Advanced Telecom Apps on a Shoestring (4 tags)
With the development of open standards telephony, VoIP, and hosted, on-demand computing services, it is finally possible to use a low-cost development track to create next-generation telecom services.